Stamped Concrete in Cypress Inn, TN

Every home or business owner wants their surfaces to look their very best. One of the more popular and most viable and cost effective options is stamped concrete. Not only will you get a beautiful appearance but it is also incredibly versatile meaning that nearly anything you envision can be created. Simply speak with your contractor and the options will amaze you.

If you want the look of classic surfaces such as wood, slate, brick, or other stone materials, an overlay can do it. If you want something a bit more updated, perhaps some contemporary designs, look no further. If you want to really branch out, maybe have some dinosaur tracks or leaf patterns. Yep, you guessed it, stamped concrete in Cypress Inn, TN can do that too.

What is stamped concrete?
There are many that have seen this style before and not realized what they were looking at. It is known for its ability to mimic other materials very well and with added benefits.

Generally speaking, it is a poured cement slab that is embossed and imprinted with textures and color staining.

Your contractor will:
Professionally pour and smooth the slab.

While the concrete is still wet and pliable they will imprint the concrete with your desired pattern and textures.

For the stained color there are multiple options. Your contractor will either mix it into the concrete as it is prepared or they will spray it onto the surface after it has been imprinted. Both work well and depend on the look you're going for.

What are the imprints made from?
They are what is used to create the texture and design that you've chosen. They are created from flexible polyurethane and are generally around 2' x 2' square and are about an inch or two thick to be able to mimic the look of actual grooves between the stones. Often a colored release agent will be used to accentuate the realistic appearance in the crevices. The release agent also prevents the cement from sticking to the stamp so that all outlines are crisp and clean.

For most patterns there will be a number of stamps used so that the appearance doesn't turn out looking to uniform. Natural stones vary so your contractor will do their best to replicate the same appearance with the stamps.

When compared with the other materials that are used for patio surfaces stamped concrete in Cypress Inn, TN quite cost effective. Slate and other stone work can add up very quickly. You can get the exact same appearance for a much lower price and fewer downsides in the long run.

The next time you're looking to redo a surface you should consider stamped concrete in Cypress Inn, TN. It is beautiful and cost effective. It is hard to find another surface that can offer so much for the price. Additionally, it can be completely customized. stamped concrete in Cypress Inn, TN. Whatever your vision may be you can work with your contractor to create the surface you've always wanted. The color palette is limitless and you are only limited by your own imagination.

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